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Sheffield Health Club

Muscle Up Health and Performance’s Health Club in Sheffield, Tasmania provides a supporting and motivating space for everybody to work out and get fit, regardless of your previous fitness experience.

Health Club Facilities and Equipment

Cardio & Strength Equipment

We have a range of cardio machines, strength machines and free equipment like dumbbells, kettlebells and Olympic bars so you can work out any way you want to. You won’t be limited by our choice of high-quality equipment.

Health Consults

Resistance training can be great rehabilitation for injuries or weakness, and exercise in general can help provide some relief for many health issues. Our health consults will help you figure out what health and fitness plan will work best for you and help you work around any limitations you might have. Your fitness journey should be targeted to suit you.


Looking for an extra edge for your workout or recovery? We offer a range of high quality, science backed supplements that can help you feel and perform your best.

We offer protein powders, pre-workouts, BCAA’s, … etc.


When is the gym accessible?
What classes do you offer?
Do I have to book in for classes?
What’s included in my membership?
Can I train at other locations?